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This section is about widening access to new or under-served audiences. Information on employment issues for employers, employees, freelance workers and new entrants. Looks at storylines, casting, and how certain groups are portrayed on film.  
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 Harassment and victimisation 

Harassment and victimisation

This section provides general information on employment law. If you have specific questions, you should seek legal advice from a lawyer or trade union.

WorkLine offers advice on the website, through a confidential phone number or email. The service is sponsored by the UK Film Council and Women in Film and Television, and supported by Goodman Derrick LLP (Employment Lawyers).

The information in this section of the Diversity Toolkit has been compiled by Croner, an organisation providing information, advice and support in the areas of employment, health and safety and environmental compliance.


Where an employee is subjected to conduct that violates their dignity by creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment, this will be unlawful and may lead to claims for compensation. Employers should take steps to prevent harassment. This may involve running awareness sessions, but should also mean dealing quickly and firmly with employees who act inappropriately.

It is important to bear in mind that different people have different cultural and social perceptions as to what they consider hostile or degrading.

If an employee has brought a discrimination claim, acted as a witness in someone else's claim or raised issues relating to potential discrimination, any action taken against them because of this will be unlawful.


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