Cinema Going

Despite increasing outlets for film, there are still challenges to overcome to ensure access for all. These include:

  • Disabilities – including physical and sensory impairments
  • Lifestyle issues – such as caring responsibilities and access to transport
  • Location – the distance from a cinema or the limited availability of non-mainstream films in some areas.

Widening access to film encourages new and increased revenue streams. It offers opportunities to establish customer loyalty and to develop relationships with niche communities of interest.

This section gives practical advice on what you can do to widen access for new or under-served audiences. It covers:

  • Top tips on widening audiences – ways of reaching audiences that are currently under-served.
  • Links – sources of information and help.
  • Disabled access and the law – what the Disability Discrimination Act means to your business and tips on improving access.
  • Diversity in film audiences – a snapshot of audiences for film in the UK.